making out with luke backstage after a concert with his snapback on your head, your legs wrapped around his torso and his rough hands gripping your waist. his hot breath trickles down your neck, giving you goosebumps. a red bruise is painted across the base of your neck when luke lifts his lips off of you. “wanna finish this at my place, babe?”

"That’s the amazing thing about music, is that there’s a song for every emotion. Two people can go through completely different things, and still relate to the same song in the same way- I mean, can you imagine, like, a world where there was just no music? [It would suck] It would suck. I’d still be a baker.”

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I am entitled to a rant about the preceding tweets to this rant where Ashton has clearly had enough of the fan’s inability to be on board with what they have to offer us. 

Let me start off by saying that 5SOS voluntarily, yes, not forcibly but voluntarily, get out of bed every single day just to make us happy. You might want to strap yourself in your chair for this one because it might come as a surprise to know that it’s not actually a right for you to meet 5SOS. I know, shock horror right? They also do this voluntarily. They risk being mobbed, pulled, pushed, kissed without consent and totally disrespected by some people who’d like to consider themselves a part of the 5SOS Family, all in an attempt to show us how much they love and care about us.

I know for me and so many of you beautiful people, 5SOS are a constant reason to smile and wake up of a morning. You know that no matter what is going on in your life that you will be able to come home and look at youtube, tumblr, twitter and facebook, just to get an update of the four boys who you would classify as your best friends, simply because they understand you. 

Is it worth ruining the bond we have between us and the boys? It is worth stealing a kiss off Ashton only to have him pushed to the edge and pissed off beyond belief? Is it worth Michael being sick and still persevering and going on tour only to have you complain about their decisions in a week’s time? 

The answer is no.

No, it is not okay to hate on 5SOS for doing everything for us. No, it is not okay to be abusive and aggressive when meeting them. And no, it is not okay to push people who are supposed to be your sunshines to the point where they are questioning our loyalty. 

If you don’t like their decision or this family, leave. 

It’s that simple. 


what was ben thinking. harry could have died

when something was thrown at niall x

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"5SOS plans to release its first album in June"

"5SOS plans to release its first album in June"

"5SOS plans to release its first album in June"

"5SOS plans to release its first album in June"


what year

2022 probably